Maro - "Rejects" (2022)

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Maro - "Rejects" (2022)

Post autor: aos » 03 sie 2022, 14:13

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"Rejects" is a futuristic audio-musical created by Maro - Polish producer, DJ, sound engineer. It features artists from all over the world. The project is set in a fictional world, which is parallel to the reality we know. In this world, the constant fight for life is the only condition to survive. From the first to the last track on the album, the record creates a story, composed in the form of a modern radio play. Album is available now on CD and online.

The world of Rejects is narrated in the tracklist, the project's verbal narration, and in skits. Its cast of guests is international, including: Raekwon (US), Ghostface Killah (US), Killah Priest (US), Cappadonna (US), Kool Keith (US), P Money (UK), Awich (JPN), Lex Lu (US) and Deadly Hunta (UK) and others, take on the roles of fictional characters. In addition to the range of artists appearing on this production, there are easter eggs to find - such as the voice of EVA - the Electronic Video Agent, or Kia Huntzinger from the cult game Command and Conquer.

00:00 Countdown
00:11 Nitro
01:59 The Scrapyard (skit)
03:31 What you want ft. P Money
07:07 The Island of Junk (Skit)
09:30 Never Give Up ft. Deadly Hunta
13:19 The meeting of Lu (Skit)
13:53 Killa ft. Lex Lu
17:10 Brooklyn Temples (skit)
18:57 Kevlar Monk ft. Killah Priest
21:46 The Cloud City (skit)
23:34 Way Up Here ft. Mickey Shiloh
27:19 The Flight (skit)
27:45 The Chase ft. P.T. Adamczyk
30:30 The Hive
34:18 The Call (skit)
34:49 Gumdrops ft. Kool Keith
37:33 The visit (skit)
38:18 Throwback Boogie ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon
41:40 Back in bussiness (skit)
42:05 Body Parts ft. Cappadonna
45:15 The Underground (skit)
46:01 Kagome, Kagome ft. Awich
49:40 Deep Dive (skit)
51:40 10, 9, 8, 7 ft. Murovei
53:56 The Delivery (skit)
54:14 WAR ft. Lex Lu (Rejects Edit)
57:20 Find Me (skit)
57:36 Time ft. KY & Deadly Hunta
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